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The path towards a better research is easier than you might expect.

Write amazing publications

Right now scientific publishing has TERRIBLE UX, and it's literally killing people & slowing human progress. โ€” Mike Morrison

Imagine beautiful and consistent publications. That's what Qeios allows you to create. Our Editor has been specifically designed to meet researchers' needs, and more โ€” Qeios sets a new standard for scientific publishing.

Add value to your research

The greater the flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes in a scientific field, the less likely the research findings are to be true. โ€” John Ioannidis

Create and use the best set of definitions for your research, thus reducing uncertainties and creating more robust, reproducible research. There is tremendous added value here.

Collaborate and skyrocket your work

Collaboration has explosive upside, what is mathematically called a superadditive function, i.e. one plus one equals more than two, and one plus one plus one equals much, much more than three โ€” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Invite colleagues on your publication and let them help you with design, definitions and code. The result is superadditive. No worries, there's still plenty of room to give back ๐Ÿ˜‹

Publish with no delay

It takes forever to get the work out, regardless of the journal. It just takes far too long. โ€” Leslie Vosshall

Instant publishing means more lives saved, faster space-rockets and immediate credit for your work. And more time to relax by the lake ๐Ÿง˜

Read & use with no limits

Open Access supersedes all potential alternative modes of access to the scholarly literature through enabling unrestricted re-use, and long-term stability independent of financial constraints of traditional publishers that impede knowledge sharing. โ€” Jon Tennant et al.

Give and get full and immediate access to knowledge. For your sake and for humanity's. Open Access is not just a basic human right, it's essential to advance science better and faster.

Broaden your horizons

The success of cross-disciplinary research arises exactly from the need to be exposed to things for which you could not have looked because you could not have imagined the possibility of their existing. โ€” Edward de Bono

Qeios exposes you to new, top-notch knowledge that might be relevant to you, regardless of subject area. This means more inquires, more answers and less groupthink.

Join the most robust form of Peer Review

If you want to really review a paper, you need peer reviewers who can tell you if youโ€™re missing something within the literatureโ€”and you need outside reviewers who can rescue you from groupthink. โ€” Andrew Gelman

Publish first, keep adding value later. The Open Post-Publication Peer Review model of Qeios allows you to give and get the most complete feedback, and be credited for your endeavours.

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