Robert West

Professor of Health Psychology,
University College London

Qeios is an innovative publishing platform that I see becoming central to science publishing. Of crucial importance is the seamless linking of construct definitions to papers that will begin to resolve the age-old 'jingle-jangle' problem that besets research in clinical, behavioural and social sciences.


This is massive — 100K definitions have just landed on Qeios coming from current top ontologies and more.

Interested in tobacco or behavior definitions? Review them, publish new ones, and, most importantly, use top definitions to create the world's best research.

Why you will love Qeios

From a powerful writing tool to an immediate Open Access platform, Qeios provides researchers with the all-in-one solution to create and publish the world's best research.

A new writing experience

Discover a new way to produce research. Writing, collaborating and referencing has never been so fast and simple.

Publish instantly and limitless

Forget the pain, costs and timings of the traditional publishing process. Share your research when it's all ready, without any boundaries.

Open Post-Publication Peer Review

Publishing on Qeios is just the beginning. Improve research by giving and getting more transparent and diverse feedbacks.

Open Science is Better Science

Traditional distribution system doesn't really distribute. Share knowledge with everyone and help shape the future of research.

Everything you need and more

Discover some of the main features that make Qeios the best platform for writing, publishing and sharing research.


A powerful and easy-to-use text editor to enhance and speed up your production workflow.


Seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues on the same document, without any conflicts.


Create and use definitions as the building blocks of your research.

Discover & Read

Search, read and share every publication with no limits.

Ah, articles on Qeios look something like 👇

How is Qeios different?

Discover how we differ from one of the most popular Open Science publishing platforms.

Qeios F1000Research
Writing Write your finest publications directly on Qeios.
Definitions Create, use and review fundamental definitions.
Collaboration Invite colleagues on your publications and seamlessly collaborate with them.
Publishing Publish instantly and limitless, with no editorial bias. Publish instantly, with no editorial bias.
Reading Read and use limitless. Read and use limitless.
Discovering Discover connections between research of different disciplines. Browse research only within the life sciences and medicine.
Open Post-Publication Peer Review Give and get the most transparent and complete feedback. Give and get the most transparent and complete feedback.
Pricing FREE to £9.99/month. From US $150 to US $2,000 per article.

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