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We have just started with Qeios the path to the necessary revolution in knowledge production, quality check and sharing.

We have built an astonishingly simple integrated system which combines those three distinct phases of the knowledge life-cycle. Besides being freely accessible to everyone, simpler and quicker than the current decoupled system, Qeios' most distinctive characteristic is that it's been specifically designed to progressively increase the quality and comparability of the output produced with it.

And it's not that difficult. A new piece of knowledge, the Definition, and the power of the "community review" (Open Peer Review) have allowed us to obtain all this.

We want the scientific community to finally reach a consensus on what the best Definitions to be used are when creating knowledge — a sort of "Definictionary" which allows researchers to speak all the same language — and, at the same time, let the community openly review the output in terms of Articles.

The result is a surprisingly powerful virtuous circle which enables researchers to produce knowledge of increased quality and comparability.

Learn how the Definition and the power of the community review define quality.

By publishing your Articles and Definitions on Qeios, not only you contribute to a better, more comparable and totally free knowledge, but you have the chance to finally break the rules of the current publishing industry.

Researchers have the power, let's use that power!

Qeios pillars

Actual Quality

Qeios is the first tool designed to improve the quality of the research by acting at the production level. A new piece of knowledge, the Definition, and the review system built on it allow researchers to produce and publish knowledge of increased quality and comparability.

Democracy & Meritocracy

Researchers on Qeios are valued by the community on what they publish. This is the maximum expression of democracy and meritocracy, and the most valuable form of quality check.

Open Access

Qeios can be read 100% free by anyone. There are no economic and technological barriers between knowledge and people with Internet access.

Qeios benefits


On Qeios visibility is enormously increased thanks to:

  • A new object, the Definition, with the name of the researchers on it. Definitions, by their very nature, move much faster than articles amongst researchers. In addition, researchers' names can be caught by common readers looking for a new, powerful encyclopaedia — Qeios.
  • Features such as following, commenting, rating, tagging and activity recording.

Publishing Time

No waiting time to publish research. Articles and Definitions will be publicly available as soon as they are ready.


Qeios helps researchers connect with colleagues and Academic Institutions or Research Funders looking for qualified and talented scientists for their organisations.

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