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Qeios exists to push forward the boundaries of scholarly communication. On Qeios, you can always publish all your papers Open Access, totally free of charge. Furthermore, by getting our Pro plan, you'll enjoy additional perks for enhancing the quality and coverage of your articles.

Pro perks

If you really care about your research and want to enhance the quality and visibility of your papers, you can't miss this!

Feedback from the field's top experts

As a Pro user, you're granted our Reviewer Recruitment Service, meaning that we invite top experts in the field to review and improve your articles. This ensures that you get plenty of professional feedback to include in your research.

Importantly, thanks to the unlimited updating possibility, you'll be able to integrate the peer feedback into your papers at any time, making sure that your research is the best possible.

Increased visibility

Qeios' Open Peer Review system does wonders for your visibility. On Qeios, in fact, not only articles but peer reviews, too, are Open Access, get citable DOIs, and are indexed in Google Scholar. This means that every review you get drives more and more readers to your papers.

Furthermore, Qeios articles are published in HTML format, meaning they are not only nicer than PDFs but also far more readable and discoverable by both humans and machines.

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