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Seeking indexing and high IF? Post your paper as a preprint to get tons of peer feedback, which helps improve it and increase acceptance rates at your preferred journals.
Tired of traditional publishing barriers? Publish directly on Qeios for a free and transparent publishing experience.

The future of peer review.

The Open Peer Review facilities of Qeios allow you to give and get the most complete feedback, and be credited for your endeavours — DOIs and Altmetric tracking everywhere.

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Publish citable definitions within seconds. Good scholarly definitions make concepts clearer, scholarly communication smoother, and speed up the scientific progress.

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Impactful peer feedback. Receive ample feedback from a global community of peers to refine and elevate your research.

Maximum visibility. Enjoy 15x more reads with Open Access and our visibility-boosting services. Get the attention your research deserves.

Speed accelerated. Go from submission to global exposure in just 1 business day, keeping your research timely and relevant.

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Definition on Qeios. You can cite it! 🤓

Science, done right.

More robust foundations. Clear definitions are fundamental for creating good, reproducible and comparable research.

Citability for all outputs. Definitions can be used in Qeios works and cited anywhere. DOIs and Altmetric tracking make sure that nothing is missed.

Open-ended improvement. Publishing a definition on Qeios is just the beginning. Improve them with the feedback from peers. It's a dynamic process that enhances research over time.

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Open. Accountability is essential for a fair review process, and openness is the way to achieve it. Everyone wins.

Get credit. On Qeios, reviews too get DOIs and Altmetric tracking, making them easy to find and cite. It's precious work, why waste it?

Debate. Whether you're providing or getting feedback from peers, Qeios allows you to seamlessly and instantly conversate with colleagues. Fast, agile feedback is crucial to speed up science.

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